Notable Judgments:      



  • Samuel Parris v Muriel Williams (NEVHCV2016/0050). delivered on the 18th October, 2018.



  • Buzzmaker LLC v Lindsay Fitz-Patrick Grant (SKBHCV2015/0280), delivered 12th September, 2016 



  • Dion Friesland v  Charles Hickox (AXAHCV2012/0039), delivered 29th April, 2016 



  • John Koresko v Nelson Spring Home Owners Association, Nelson Spring Home Owners Company Ltd, Eugene Cranford, Beach Front Condominium Holding Ltd, NEVHCV2012/0027, delivered on the 28th December, 2012 

  • J. Bradley Hall v Prudential Trustee Company Ltd & Andrew Bickerton (as Receiver of Amazing Global Technologies Ltd) NEVHCV2010/0091, delivered on the 9th August, 2011 

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